Why Your Company Needs a Clear Vision Statement

Sharon Boyd has nearly 25 years of experience between both the healthcare and marketing industries. In addition to being an RDH and content writing expert, she also holds a degree in business. Her responsibilities primarily include tackling the communication barriers between small business owners or healthcare providers and their prospective clientele.

Why Your Company Needs a Clear Vision Statement

Whether you’re the original founder of your small business or one of the key leaders within the organization, there was some type of a vision in mind when the company first started. Perhaps it was to do things differently than competitors, to have a better balance in work and personal life, or because someone knew there was a better way to do business.

Without a Vision, There is No Goal

Without a clear, written vision statement, it’s easy to lose focus on the mission of your small business. Although the founder of a company may still take their mission to heart, the vision can easily slip by the wayside if it’s not something they visit on at least a semi-regular basis.

No matter how close you hold the original mission to heart, the rest of your team likely won’t share that same feeling unless you standardize it within your business. The more clearly you emphasize the vision, the more your team is expected to hold up to those goals.

You Are What Makes You Different

Depending on what type of industry you work in, there could be a dozen other companies out there just like you. Your vision statement focuses on what sets you apart from everyone else. The less generalized and more specific it is, the more likely that message is to carry through to both your team and your customers.

Know why you do things the way you do them. Those reasons are put into writing when you have a mission statement. Reminding your team of those differences will create a sense of awareness as you serve your clientele.

When it’s Prominent, You’re Held to It

All too often, vision statements find their way into old filing cabinets or in a dusty corner of a break room. It should be one of the most prominent documents in your company. Consider displaying it in each of your common areas where employees and customers alike can see it.

If your statement is a bit long, consider consolidating it. Or perhaps even taking sections out as specific quotes to display throughout your business. They can be printed on receipts, hung in the doorway, or even mounted as plaques in reception areas.

The more often you and your team come into contact with physically written and displayed vision statements, the greater the chance there is of you living it out on a day-to-day basis.

Your Employees Need to Know What it Is

Regardless as to whether your employees are only with you for a season, or a lifelong career, you want them to help the company put its best face forward. Standardizing awareness of your company’s vision also helps to calibrate the attitudes, services, and morale within your business.

If you don’t have a written mission statement or yours needs an update, talk with your team to get input. It’s ok to re-write your vision if your company has transformed over the years. The key is to put it in writing, so that it’s “real”.