Enhancing a Facebook Page

Facebook Page design customization is limited and is the same across all Pages in terms of what can be added to or edited on your Page. Your main choices for visual branding and design on a Facebook Page are your Cover Image and Profile Image. You can also set images for three main Apps that will appear on the right side of your Page.

You can then select a general Template with default buttons and tabs to help you lay out your Page including Standard, Professional Services, Shopping, Venues, and Restaurants & Cafes.

The rest of your Page design is based on the images and videos you post. When you post content to your Page that appears on your Timeline, you have the options to either use a default image that appears when you include a link in your post or you can upload your images and video you’ve created or that you own to improve a post’s appearance.

Facebook offers several features that visually enhance your posts. These include:

Photo Albums – Grouping several images together in an album creates a more interesting display in your timeline with multiple images.

Slideshows – Facebook lets you upload between 3 and 10 slides as a Slideshow and even choose a Fade transition and music.

Canvas – For an even more interactive, multimedia post, use the Canvas feature to incorporate both images and videos to tell your story.

360 Photos and Video – Using a camera that captures 360 degree images, such as the Ricoh Theta, you can post immersive images and vides that can show all views of a scene or event.

Live streaming Video – Broadcast live video that can be viewed on your Page and automatically archives to it.

You can add sections and functionality to your Facebook Page using Apps including third-party software that integrates with your Page. Apps can be accessed in two places on your Page:

  • When on your Timeline, choose Manage Tabs at the bottom of the left side navigation links, then choose Apps on the left.
  • Go to Settings at the top right of your Page and choose Apps on the left side of the screen.

Add additional custom sections to your Page using tools such as Tabsite, Pagemodo and ShortStack that give you some control over the content and design and what content you import from existing websites into your Facebook Page such as a special promotion or form. Third party software varies in cost from free with limited features to fees that tend to increase with the number of Likes your Page has or the number of Pages you are customizing.

Some of the popular software services you use also provide Facebook App integration such as:

Email list signup – Offered by email marketing services like MailChimp and Constant Contact.

Polls – Offered by survey and polling services like SurveyMonkey.

Giveaways – Through promotional campaign creators like Rafflecopter and Woobox.

Event Registration – Using event management tools like EventBrite.

Online Shopping – Add through ecommerce services like Shopify.

Make sure the Apps you add to your Facebook Page are geared toward better achieving your business goals such as building your email list or selling products. Paying attention to the details and features of your Facebook Page as well as add-ons can enhance a customer’s experience when they land on your Page. What you post and how visually appealing it is can help attract their attention and convince them to Like your Page.