Protecting your Business Computers

Are your business computers vulnerable from a data breach?
Many small business owners have not built a cyber-security “wall” around their computers. Without the proper countermeasures, there are numerous opportunities for cyber-thieves to tap into your business accounts, customer information and other private information. Since the best defense is a good offense, the more you can do to assure safe and sound computing practices for your business, the less risk you will have for a data breach.  
Protecting your business computers can be as simple as adding and frequently updating anti-virus software and limiting employee access to the Internet. Or, defending your equipment from intrusions may need to be much more detailed, such as hiring an expert to make recommendations and put security in place. Every organization should recognize that their computers could be at risk and cater their security solutions to their individual needs.  
The links below provide information about the need to enhance business computer security for online banking, financial transactions, confidential client information and more.  
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